Heroes: Zorn der Elemente

You use a template set-up or select hero, three spells and your army with a total value of 10 points. Then all players roll dice in real-time for the symbol groups that are needed for actions. If you achieve a group, you stop the dice rolling for all and implement the action, then all others can use their current dice result. Before resolving the action, you need to resolve hero weakness and permanent effects of spells in case of interruption. Actions are: Cast spell, activate creatures, draw cards or learn spell. The game ends with the victory of the surviving hero or of the hero with most hit points after all creatures are eliminated.


Real-time adventure with dice, for 2-4 players, ages 12+


Publisher: Rebel / Asmodee 2017

Designer: Adam Kwapiński

Artist: Grzegorz Bobrowski, Piotr Foksowicz, Jarek Nocoń, Marina Fahrenbach

Web: www.asmodee.de

Stock#: 16HE861 / REBD0001


Users: With friends


Version: de * Rules: de en es fr pl * In-game text: yes