Der Herr der Ringe Das Kartenspiel

Sarumans Verrat


In the cooperative Living Card Game, based on trading card mechanisms, players in a fellowship of heroes master dangerous adventures in Middle Earth. There are Hero cards, player cards, Encounter cards and Adventure cards.

Sarumans Verrat is a Saga expansion and introduces 165 new cards with new Campaign, Favor and Burden cards for use in three scenarios in a campaign mode in continuation of the campaign begun with Die Schwarzen Reiter. There is Aragorn, a hero from the Fellow Sphere; when using this version no other version can be in play as a starting hero or part of a deck.

The three scenarios are „Uruk-hai“, „Helms Klamm“ with the new key-word „Verteidigung“ and „Der Weg nach Isengart“ with „Zauberei“ as new timing trigger.


Saga Expansion for Der Herr der Ringe das Kartenspiel for 1-2 players, ages 132+


Publisher: Heidelberger Spieleverlag 2015

Designer: Caleb Grace

Artist: Mercedes Opheim, Brian Schomburg, Fiona Carey, Marco Reinartz


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