A fast-to-play, easy-to-learn card game in the category creative/communicative games. The game consists of two kinds of cards: Cards with definitions on them, they may be nouns, or verbs, or adjektives, maybe one just just call them words, they are the question cards. And Cards with other words on them, that players have in their hand, the answer card. In his turn to be the selector, a player turns over to top card from the question pile and reads out the definition. Players now choose a card from their hand that they think goes best or funniest or obviously with the word read out. The last player to throw his card down is out for this round, he takes his card back. The selector now chooses the card that he thinks is most fitting, as a reward the player gets the question cards. After a set number of rounds the player with the most question cards wins.


Creative/communicative card game * 3 or more players * Author: Frank Stark * ca. 27 € * Heidelberger, 2000 *** Heidelberger Spieleverlag * Mosbacher Straße 18 * D-74834 Elztal * Fon +49-1805-922273 * Fax +49-6261-38121 * hds@heidelberg.net * www.heidelberger-spieleverlag.de