Ad Astra

Let’s conquer the Stars


Homo sapiens now live among the stars always looking for new planets. As the sun unexpectedly starts to lose power, mankind must reach for the stars. You represent one of five races that have developed out of humans in the centuries gone by, you explore planets and collect resources. The resources you use to explore more planets and to settle und exploit them. A round in the game always comprises the phases planning and action and then reducing of resource cards own to the hand limit of 10 cards. In the planning phase all players place actions card face down on free spots on the board, which then are resolved in the action phase in order of their location. Actions cards let you produce, move and discover alien planets, build colonies, factories ore space ships, and also enables you to terraform, but only if you have a colony, a factory or a space ship already established on the planet. But only a colony or a factory is possible on a planet. Trade is another action available from the cards, either by swapping resource cards with another player or trading them with the bank.

Victory points are allocated when a victory points card comes up: The active player chooses a category, which is then scored for victory points. If you achieve 50 victory points or have the most victory points when all planets are explored, wins the game.

Some of the mechanisms in the game are pre-set by the topic. Conspicuous is the short and very clear rulebook. The planning board is a well-working detail that gives you some choice for when actions should happen. A good start for the new series!


Spieler         : 3-5

Alter            : ages 13 and up

Dauer           : approx. 60 min


Autor           : Bruno Faidutti, Serge Laget

Grafik          : Kieran Yanner, Justin Albers, Fabio Maiorana

Titel englisch          : Ad Astra

Preis            : ca. 50,00 Euro

Verlag          : Nexus / Heidelberger 2009



Genre                    : Sci-Fi-build-up game

Zielgruppe             : With friends

Mechanismen         : Resources management



First game in the Nexus Designer Series

Complex mechanisms

Short playing time despite complexity

Attractive components



Planet Steam and other games using resources management, situated in space


Zufall                            1

Taktik                  3

Strategie__                  1





Interaktion                   2