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You should tell the truth and catch other players at lying. The first respondent sits behind the lie detector, all others as interrogators are in front of it. The first interrogator reads a question - embarrassing ones work better than harmless ones - and fill gaps in the text. The respondent presses the microphone button and answers with yes or no. The detector analyses the voice and, depending on the result, the respondent or the interrogator score a point. When red and green light up together, the detector was not able to analyze the answer. The round ends, when all interrogators asked a question; the game ends, when all players have been respondent once.


Question & answer game for 2 or more players, ages 16+


Publisher: Hasbro 2019


Stock #: 0319E4641100


Users: With friendsFor families

Special: 2 players

Special: Many players 

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