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Affen Action

The elefuntastic monkey snipping game


Elefun and the monkeys are playing at the beach and the monkeys need to be snipped into the water holes to earn lots of bananas. The Lagoon is set up, each player has four monkeys and Elefun is placed in one of the water holes. At the start of the game he is activated, that is pressed down to be diving, then all players try to snip their monkeys by pressing down their tails. You go on snipping until either all monkeys are in the water holes or Elefun surfaces in the lagoon. In doing so he lets some monkeys jump into the air again. Now all players who have a monkey in a water hole receive a banana chip for each monkey, even when the monkey sits in the same hole with Elefun.

Then a new round is started, Elefun is „submerged“ again and all take their monkeys and start snipping. So you go on playing until all bananas are given out. If then you have most bananas you win the game.

When all players are trained monkey snippers, you can block one of the water holes and place the water lily blocker into one of the holes to block. Monkeys that are snipped into that hole do not earn their owner a banana.

Affen Action – Action with monkeys, basically a totally simple game, and once again an example for careful, painstaking fostering of a brand and a theme-world of games. Elefun, the butterfly-blowing elephant, and his friends have been the backbone of the children games range for some years and a guarantee for pretty topics and quick simple mechanisms. Letting the monkeys jump is fun, the 3D components are attractive and functional, and a good training for hand-eye-coordination and target snipping is included!


Spieler         : 2-4

Alter            : ages 4+

Dauer           : ca. 15 min


Autor           : nicht genannt

Grafik          : nicht genannt

Titel            : ident

Preis            : ca. 18 Euro

Verlag          : Hasbro / MB 2011



Genre                    : A game of dexterity

Zielgruppe             : For children


Version                           : de

Rules                              : de

In-game use of language   : no





Games theme world Elefun & Friends

Very simple rules and mechanism

Children can play alone



Other snipping games and dexterity games with hit-a-target mechanism


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