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Sankt Petersburg

The second edition


This revised edition of Sankt Petersburg contains the core game, that is, the 1st edition version, and a rule for „Das neue Sankt Petersburg Der Markt“ as well as some expansion modules. In the basic game you want to mirror the development of St. Petersburg and acquire craftsmen, buildings and noblemen. Those earn money, points or both during the game, noblemen also score points at the end. Turns of the game comprise one round each for craftsmen, buildings and noblemen as well as for exchange cards. A round comprises actions ö buying, taking up in hand or displaying as well as scoring and supplying new cards. You win if you score most points.

When you play including the new market phase you can integrate a fifth player into the game. The market phase introduces a new mechanism for additional victory points and rubles: In the market phase ten market cards are displayed and each player in turn has one action: Buy a card, take a card up in hand, display a card from hand or pass. Then market cards and market place are scored. When someone buys cards with market symbols and displays them, this is indicated on the market place for this player and earns him victory points when the market place is scored.

Furthermore, this new edition comes with six modules which can be incorporated individually or in any combination into the core game: Das Bankett, In bester Gesellschaft, Die Helfer, Die Ereignisse, Die Aufträge und Die Hürden.

With this game the nearly impossible was done: To improve an already excellent game without changing a hair’s width in the basic mechanisms, in the flair and the fun in playing the game! What a feat!


Players: 2-5

Age: 10+

Time: 60+

Designer: Bernd Brunnhofer, Karl-Heinz Schmiel

Artist: Anne Pätzke, Irene Bressel

Price: ca. 40 Euro

Publisher: Hans im Glück 2014


Genre: Set collection

Users: For experts

Version: de

Rules: de en fr

In-game text: no



2nd, revised and extended edition

Can be played as the first edition or using the additional Market rule

Fantastic new design


Compares to:

Sankt Petersburg, 1st Edition


Other editions:

Z-Man Games, Filosofia Edition, Arclight (announced)


Chance (pink): 1

Tactic (turquoise): 2

Strategy (blue): 3

Creativity (dark blue): 0

Knowledge (yellow): 0

Memory (orange): 0

Communication (red): 0

Interaction (brown): 3

Dexterity (green): 0

Action (dark green): 0