El Grande Big Box


As a Spanish Grande you use 30 Caballeros to acquire majorities in regions and to increase your influence at court. In a round you choose a power card for turn order and Caballero movement from stock to court. An action card determines further action options and movement of caballeros from court into regions. After each three rounds, the game is scored.

New edition for the 20 Years Anniversary including all expansions - Großinquisitor & Kolonien, König & Intrigant, König & Intrigant 2 (the former Players Edition), König & Intrigant 3 (the former Unverkäufliche Sonderkarten), Grandissimo - plus a new Anniversary edition and new components.


New edition of El Grande for 2-5 players, ages 12+


Publisher: Hans im Glück 2015

Designer: Wolfgang Kramer, Richard Ulrich

Artist: Doris Matthäus, Christoph Tisch

Web: www.hans-im-glueck.de

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Users: With friends


Version: de * Rules: de en es it nl * In-game text: yes