An adaptation of Ohne Furcht und Adel - the basic rule is the same: You secretly choose a character for the round; then you are called for in character sequence, reveal your character, take gold or a building, use your ability and build a building for gold. Changes come from the cards - there are now 27 characters, of which you use eight or nine for a game; there are 90 buildings, of which you use 68, and you can play action cards, acquired from the building stack. At the end of the round in which someone built his 7th building, you score for gold and silver on buildings, a complete set of building types and for unique buildings.


Card game for 2-8 players, ages 10+


Publisher: Hans im Glück 2017

Designer: Bruno Faidutti

Artist: Andrew Bosley, Simon Eckert u.a.


Stock#: 48273


Users: With friends

Special: Many players


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