Monstrous delicacies for monsters, but which serving cover hides which delicacy? Delicacies are laid out face-down in a double row to form the buffet; all monsters begin at the start of the table. A dice determines the color that monsters do not wand to eat in this round. The active player rolls the die and then turns over a delicacy in the row behind the one where his monster pawn stands if the delicacy shows the color of the die, the player must cover all open delicacies and end their turn.

If not, you can continue and reveal another delicacy or stop. If you stop, you put your monster on the right-hand side of the buffet next to the delicacy you last uncovered and then turn over all open delicacies. On its way back to the start, the monsters are placed on the left-hand side of the buffet. Whoever is back at the start first, wins.


Memo and position game for 2-4 players, ages 5+


Publisher: Haba 2022

Designer: Marco Teubner

Art: Louise Forshaw

Editor: Patrick Tonn


Stock #: 306553


Users: For children


Version: multi * Rules: de en es fr it nl  * In-game text: no