Meine ersten Spiele Hildas Farben & Förmchen


Components for free play or first game play by rules. Alle meine Förmchen is a cooperative assignment game on shapes and colors; you rolla die, name the resulting shape or golor and place a corresponding geometric wooden shape into a suitable gap on the board. Variant Meine Förmchen, deine Förmchen – again, the shape is placed into the board; if no suitable shape is left or a wrong one is chosen, you discard one of your cardboard shapes. When all wooden shapes are placed, you win with most cardboard shapes. Alle meine Farben – you roll a die; for points or a star you move Hilda; then you name the shape or color she sits on and place a suitable wooden shape- In case of a mistake, a water drop is placed. When all shapes are placed correctly before three water drops are on the board, all win together. In the variant Meine Farben, deine Farben you receive a cardboard shape if you correctly placed a shape or color and win with most, when all wooden pieces have been placed.


Cooperative assignment game for 1-3 players, ages 2+


Publisher: Haba Sales GmbH 2023

Designer: Kristin Dittmann

Art: Martina Leykamm


Stock #: 1 307043 001


Users: For children


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