Meine ersten Spiele Blumenfee


Color and shape assignment game using dice and stacking. Wooden parts in three colors and three shapes represent flower stems, they are placed - according to dice results - on the corresponding spots on the board. When the Flower Fairy is rolled, she moves one step towards the flower island. When all stems have grown before the Fairy reaches the island, all players have won together and the fairy casts a spell to make the stems flower. In a variant the stems are placed according to both color and shape.


Stacking game on colors and shapes for 1-3 players, ages 2+


Publisher: Haba 2015

Designer: Christiane Hüpper

Artist: Anna Karina Birkenstock


Stock#: 301324


Users: For children

Age: 2


Version: multi * Rules: de en es fr it nl * In-game text: no