Lecker oder Gemecker!

Grubs up, who’s grumbling!

Fex Fit fürs Lernen


In the new range of educational game by the name of FEX – short for Förderung exekutiver Funktionen – this game features fast reaction and observation. The animals are randomly given plates with food; then you roll the die and all search which animal has the biggest piece of this food on its plate. This animal likes that kind of food best. If you find the biggest piece, place your hand on the animal. If you are first and correct, you are rewarded with a lion disk and a food chip is fit into the animal card. IF the biggest piece has already been found, you search for the next size and then for the smallest piece. When all animals have received this favorite food, you must grab Glutton Fex and all food chips are removed again from the animal cards. If you have collected 5 lion discs, you win. If you use the FEX rules, you turn up a lion disc in each round and follow the rules stated on it for switching food or animals.


Version                           : multi

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In-game use of language   : no


Educational game * Range: Fex * 2–4 players, ages 4+ * Designers: Markus Nikisch, Sabine Kubesch, Laura Walk * Illustration: Michael Schober, Sonja Hansen * Advisor: Manfred Spitzer* 4646, Haba, Germany, 2011 *** Haba Spiele * Habermaaß GmbH * www.haba.de