Länder Europas


51 country cards name country and capital, show its flag + code on the summary board. The active player challenges his fellow players: He reads out a clue, players see a choice of answers and can place an answer card after each clue, after clue 4 all must answer. With a risk card you can correct an answer or steal another player’s points for his earlier answer. If you answer correctly you move your tourist.

If you are first to have circled Europe with your tourist or are furthest ahead when all 12 country cards have been played, you win.

New edition of Terra Kids Länder Europas, Haba 2012


Geography game for 2-4 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Haba 2019

Designer: Markus Nikisch

Art: Thies Schwarz

Web: www.haba.de

Stock #: 304532


Users: For families


Version: multi * Rules: de en es fr it nl * In-game text: yes