Kuck Ruck Zuck


The zoo animals have snitched a camera from visiting tourists and take pictures of each other; the zookeepers find only pictures, and, behold, some of them look as if one of the zookeepers had taken it! Who really did take which picture? You turn up your top card and all check who sees the animals pictured on this card in the same arrangement on the board- one of the other animals or one of the zookeepers; if you know the solution, you name the animal or grab the zookeeper. If you are correct you may turn up your top card for the next search; if you are out of cards you win: The Criss-Cross variant uses diagonal positioning, too.


Observation game for 2-6 players, ages 6+


Publisher: Haba 2012

Designer: Roberto Fraga

Art: Barbara Stachuletz

Web: www.haba.de

Stock#: 4797


Users: For children

Age: 6


Version: multi * Rules: de en es fr it nl * In-game text: no