In your turn you roll the red action die: for the hen you take an egg from the box. For the egg you take an egg from the box and drop it, all players try to catch the egg. Whoever succeeds may keep it. For the hand symbol you try to grab the die; if you succeed you get an egg from the box. If you roll Egg Dance, all run around the table; the first one to sit down again takes an egg from the box. For SchreierEi or SchweigerEi you get an egg if you crow or are silent correctly. If there is no egg in box you take one from a fellow player. If you get an egg you roll the other die and place the egg on your body accordingly. If you drop an egg, the game ends; all other players score one point for each they hold, or two for the wooden egg - if you have most points you win.


Agility game for 2-4 players, ages 5+


Publisher: Haba 2003

Designer: Roberto Fraga

Art: Martina Leykamm

Stock#: 4448


Users: For families

Age: 5


Version: de * Rules: de * In-game text: no