Cami Chamäleon


Chameleons hunting for bugs in the jungle; you need to feed the exact number of bugs to your chameleon to make it full, and collect most bugs for the end of the game. In your turn you do stalking and bug hunting. You roll two dice; for stalking you use the white die result and move your chameleon accordingly., For bug hunting, the green die shows you the number of bugs your chameleon wants to eat. You turn over tiles adjacent to the location of your chameleon – if you find the exact number shown by the green die, you take all tiles involved; if you found more bugs or if all four tiles are open and there are not enough bugs, you turn all tiles back over. Gaps in the grid are filled; if that is no longer possible, you win with most bugs on your tiles.


Memo and collecting game for 2-4 players, ages 6+


Publisher: Haba Sales GmbH 2023

Designer: Florian Racky

Development, editing: Lea Berger

Art: Falk „Zapf“ Holzapfel


Stock #: 1 307140 001


Users: For children


Version: de en es fr it nl * Rules: de en es fr it nl * In-game text: no