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Dragon Gold Castle

Fex Fit For Learning


In the range of educational game by the name of FEX – short for Furthering of Executive Faculties – this game features action as well as reaction and task-solving. The box bottom represents the castle and is equipped with a tower + dragon, three rooms of the castle with a magician, jester and dragon tile. 

You take a knight tile, read out the letter or number on it, all need to remember this well! Then you use the catapult to snip the tile into the castle. If it ends in the jester’s room, all need to name the previously read-out number or letter. For the magician you must name the sum of the number digits or a word starting with the letter on the tile and for the dragon you need to grab the dragon on the tower. If the knight tile ends up in the empty room you must call out “Long live King Fex”. You have only one try, if you – for instance – for the magician’s room first call out “B” and then “banana” you were wrong. The fastest player to react correctly receives the knight tile; with four of those you win.

For the Fex effect of intensifying the results there are several versions: You either roll the dice before using the catapult to subtract or add the numbers for the magician. Or you turn up a movement card for the magician, when the tile ends up there face-down you must execute the movement. New inmate tiles demand different reaction depending on the side visible, King Fex forbids certain actions.

Dragon Gold Castle offers a felicitous combination of learning effects with dexterity and reaction and lots of fun, too, because you are asked to invent funny names for the castle inmates, too.


Players         : 2-4

Age             : 6+

Duration       : ca. 20 min

Designer      : Markus Nikisch, Sabine Kubesch, Laura Walk

Artist           : Sebastian Koch, Felix Scheinberger, Sonja Hansen

Price            : ca. 24 Euro

Publisher      : Haba 2011

Web             :

Genre          : Action and reaction game

Users           : For Children

Version        : multi

Rules           : de en es fr it nl

In-game text : no


Comments    : Seres: Fex * very attractive combination of learning contents and fun * trains association, reaction and dexterity

Compares to : Other games in the Fex series * other games of dexterity and reaction

Other editions: currently none


Chance                0

Tactic                   0

Strategy__          0

Creativity            0

Knowledge          3

Memory               1

Communication   0

Interaction          3

Dexterity             2

Action                  2