Alle deine Tiere


24 animal cards and die die are set out. In the basic game of Alle Deine Tiere you turn zup a card and roll the die; if the cards fits the die result you take, otherwise you turn up cards until one fits, Then the other animals are turned back down. For Großes Tier-Memo the cards are laid out face-down; if you can turn over a card that fits the die result you take it and have another turn. For Tier zu Tier the animal cards are stacked face-down, the top card is turned up and you roll the die; when the animal fits the die result you take the card. You win always with most of the cards.


Collection of spotting and memo games for 2-4 players, ages 3-6


Publisher: Haba 2011

Designer: Heinz Meister

Art: Martina Leykamm


Stock#: 4915


Users: For children

Age: 3