Boarding! As a pirat you want to board the Spanish ship, as a Spaniard the pirate ships! Five ships are laid out - for a round you are dealt five of 12 cards, select one to put next to the first ship, swap cards with your opponent, place the next card, swap, etc. Before playing the last card, you randomly take up one of the two surplus cards and then select one to place. Then you can swap card placements and move the captain, he cannot be a casualty and does not count towards crew. Then cards are revealed and resolved in priority order - if you then have less crew than active Ship Deck cards, you lose. Controlled decks are marked. If you control three enemy decks, eliminate the opposing crew or have more victory points than your opponent after six rounds, you win.


Conflict simulation with cards for 2 players, ages10+


Publisher: GDM Games 2015

Designer: César Gómez Bernardino

Art: Jordi Bayarri, César Gómez Bernardino

Web: www.gdmgames.com

Stock #: 332652


Users: With friends

Special: 2 players


Version: multi * Rules: en es * In-game text: no