King’s Forge


As a rural craftsman you want to be named King’s Forge at court. Craft cards are items which you craft by rolling dice. A round comprises the phases Gather - four Gather cards as sources for resources dice and for special abilities that are paid for with dice are laid out and you can claim one card or discard it for an action at the docks or pass. Then all in turn have one try for crafting - you roll all unused dice in your stock and craft when results correspond. In clean up you secure craft cards and take back dice. When someone has crafted four items, you win at the end of the round with most of them.

2nd edition 2015, includes game board


Dice game for 2-4 players, ages 13+


Publisher: Game Salute 2015

Designer: Nick Sibicky

Art: Jonathan Kirtz, Dann May, Cody Jones


Stock #:  002546


Users: With friends


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