Geschickt gesteckt


In Victorian times, flowers hat meanings and you sent messages with selected bouquets. 18 flower cards are stacked face-down and then you form arrangements from offers. The active player draws two cards, checks them and then puts one of them down openly, the other face-down. The non-active player chooses one without checking the hidden one and puts it into his arrangement, leaving the status unchanged. The active player takes the remaining card for his arrangement, again unchanged. Open cards are called bouquets, hidden ones are keepsakes. When there are four cards in the arrangements, you score them: Memories are revealed, separately from the bunches. Then you may resolve actions in the arrangement and, finally, you score for hearts pn cards and card effects. After three such rounds you win with most points.

Includes a solo variant and a variant for 3-4 players.


Card collecting game for 1-2 (3-4) players, ages 8+


Publisher: Frosted Games 2021

License: Button Shy Games

Designer: Elizabeth Hargrave, Mike Mullins

Art: atelier198


Stock #: 46302 7


Users: For families


Special: 1 player

Special: 2 players


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