Die Reisbauern

Das auf und Ab am Tonle Sap


Rice farmers in Cambodia aim for a rich harvest. You begin with two randomly drawn cards and select one for an ancestor with special abilities and the other to start your rice farm. Then you draw seven cards in hand. Three phjases of the game comprise rainy season, dry season, and final scoring. In each turn of the rainy season, both players simultaneously select two cards from your hand, one is added to rice farm according to the placement rules, the other goes into the dry season display. Then players swap their card hands. Completed rice fields are scored for slots, huts, buffalos, and farmers. For the dry season, you alternate play and put one card from your dry season display into your rice farm. In the final scoring you score for completed rice fields and ancestory with suitable symbols, and score penalty points for buffalos in open slots. Includes the expansions „Das Wasserfestival” and “Jasmin & Ingwer”.


Card placement game for 2 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Frosted Games 2022

License: Button Shy Games

Designer: Corry Damey

Art: Jerome Damey, Corry Damey, atelier198

Web: www.frosted-games.de

Stock #: EAN 0 719896 46313 3


Users: With friends

Special: 2 players


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