Der Unterhändler


Negotiations with a hostage taker! The starting situation is prepared based on the selected kidnapper card. A round comprises negotiation, buy and escalation phase. The hostage taker poses main, escape and side demands, all hidden at the start. Effects reveal demands. Negotiation cards influence hostage taker and situation or demand threat rolls; danger level below 0 or the card symbol free a hostage, a level over 7 or a symbol kill a hostage. Buying phase - you acquire cards for negotiation points. In the escalation phase you resolve an escalation card. You win or lose depending on the status of hostages and hostage taker.


Card game for 1 player, ages 12+


Publisher: Frosted Games 2018

Designer: A. J. Porfirio

Art: atelier198, Kristi Kirisberg, Venessa Kelley, Chase Williams


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Users: For experts

Special: 1 player


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