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Cuban Missile Crisis 1962


October 1962 - 13 days, the world is hovering on the brink of war, a nuclear conflict is threatening. Thanks to intensive negotiations, the crisis can be contained.

You either embody President Kennedy or Prime Minister Khrushchev and gain prestige by dominating contested areas or in military strength or diplomatic diligence or Public opinion.

In each of three rounds, you select an agenda for prestige and then resolve eight phases in each round: 1. Move marker on DEFCON tracks on step up to intensify military alert readiness. 2. Draw three agenda cards, select one for scoring in Phase 6. 3. Draw five and play four strategy cards; the player with fewer prestige decides who goes first. 4. Secure the card remaining from Phase 3 under Repercussions. 5. Score bonuses for Public Opinion; television, UN and alliances are resolved separately. 6. Resolve card from Phase 2; DEFCON symbols intensify DEFCON track situation. 7. Check for Nuclear war - if all markers of one players are in DEFCON2 or at least one in DEFCON 1, this player has triggered a Nuclear war and loses the game. 8. Advance round marker; if it arrives at the Repercussions case, the cards there are revealed, and you score a prestige bonus for an influence majority there. resolve agenda cards, check for nuclear war and move round marker. After three rounds, you win with most prestige, if you did not trigger a war. In case of a tie, you win with the Personal Letter.

A dilemma game of the first water, always tethering between winning prestige and avoiding war; optimum card use is essential, providing an alluring  challenge for specialists!


Players: 2

Age: 12+

Time: 45+

Designer: Daniel S. Pedersen, Asger H. Granerud

Art: Jacob Walker, Klemens Franz

Price: ca. 29 Euro

Publisher: Frosted Games 2017


Genre: Politics, Simulation

Users: For experts

Special: 2 players

Version: de

Rules: cn de en es fr it

In-game text:



Rare topic

Good simulation

Lots of variety from cards


Compares to:

Cuban Missile Crisis 1962, Rune Blade Studios


Other editions:

Cranio Creations (it), Jolly Roger Games (en), Ludonova (es), Matagot (fr), Ultra Pro (cn), Pegasus/Frosted Games 2nd edition (de, announced)


Chance (pink): 1

Tactic (turquoise): 3

Strategy (blue): 3

Creativity (dark blue): 0

Knowledge (yellow): 0

Memory (orange): 0

Communication (red): 0

Interaction (brown): 3

Dexterity (green): 0

Action (dark green): 0