Island Fortress


The colony on Alcott Island is set up and the governor now wants to construct Fort Aldenford. You play in rounds of player turns with actions. One round comprises the phases Income, Bids for Petitions to the Governor and Action Phase. Each player has a Task Master, who is always located in one of three regions and you can only implement actions in a region where the task master is currently stationed. You choose an action by playing one of your role cards and selecting one of the actions offered on it. You can buy back roles and do another action. When the wall is complete or all governor blocks have been used, you score for unused buy-back chips and blocks you used and win with the highest score.


Worker placement and resources management for 2-4 players, ages 13+


Publisher: Frost Forge Games 2013

Designer: Bryan Johnson

Artist: Cody Jones, Dann May


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Users: With friends


Version: en * Rules: en * In-game text: yes