Simulation of railroad building in Czechia, based on the 1829 system by Francis Tresham. At the start you buy Local Rail companies. Then stock rounds and operation rounds alternate. In stock rounds you buy company shares with your private wealth. In operation rounds the owner of most shares s a company’s director and uses the company wealth to receive income, build track, buy/build stations, operate trains, administrate income, take over companies and buy trains. At the end of the last operation round you win with the biggest fortune. Includes maps for variants Bohemia for 2 players and Moravia/Silesia for 2-3 players.


Railroad economy game for 2-6 players, ages 12+


Publisher: Lonny / Fox in the Box 2017

Designer: Leonhard Orgler

Art: Leonhard Orgler, David Hanáček, Petr štich

Web: www.foxinthebox.com

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Users: For experts

Special: 2 players


Version: multi * Rules: cz de en * In-game text: no