Zwischen zwei Schlössern


King Ludwig wants new castles and you build castles cooperatively, one with your left and one with your right neighbor. At the start of a round, you draw nine room tiles. In a turn, you select two tiles and hand on the remaining ones, the last remaining one is discarded. Then selected tiles are revealed and you decide with with both your neighbors, in which castle you will place which room - adhering to general placement rules - as a new level or the enlarge the castle. Three rooms of the same type give a bonus. After two rounds, the castles are scored separately, but each player scores only the lower value of both castles he built.

Includes 2-player version


Cooperative placement game for 3-7 players, ages 10+


Publisher: Feuerland Spiele 2018

Designer: Ben Rosset, Matthew O‘Malley

Art: Agnieszka Dabrowiecka, Laura Bevon, Bartlomiej Kordowski


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Users: With friends

Special: 2 players

Special: Many players


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