About a hundred years ago, Tesla revolutionized the production / winning of energy with is inventions, which are now, shortly after World War I, are about to be implemented in the French Alps in the guise of huge water power stations that are meant to bring in progress. In each of the five rounds you need to construct more and more dams and conduits on the huge board, showing three river valleys, in order to win more and more energy from the held-back water in the power houses, which enables us to advance again on the energy track in each round. But before workers can be placed on a the „activate power station“ slots, you need a powerhouse, connected by a pipeline, equipped with a conduit, to a storage reservoir featuring a neutral dam or one of your own dams - and, of course, water.


Worker Placement and action drafting for 1-4 players, ages 14+


Publisher: Feuerland Spiele 2020

Designer: Simone Luciani, Tommaso Battista

Artist: Antonio De Luca

Web: www.feuerland-spiele.de

Art. Nr. 63569


Users: For experts

Special: 1 player

Version: de * Rules: cn de en es fr it kr ru * In-game text: no