Along trails you collect memories and resources during four seasons. A trail is laid out, the gameboard shows park cards, equipment cards, bottle cards and season cards and you select one intentions card. In your turn you move one of your two hikers on a new trail segment towards the exit and resolve the action - take marker (maximum 12), exchange markers, photo, bottle, wild animals, etc. At the end of the path you can reserve a park, buy equipment, or visit a park. When all four seasons are done, you win with most points from parks you visited, photos and implemented intentions.


Collecting and worker placement for 1-5 players, ages 10+


Publisher: Feuerland Spiele 2020

Designer: Henry Audubon

Art: Fifty-Nine Parks


Stock #:  63570


Users: With friends

Special: 1 player


Version: de * Rules: de en fr * In-game text: yes