Adventurers flee the lava flow of Fuji. You have a character + ability in a landscape for a scenario, with a difficulty level card. You can only enter a tile with a result as required - color and value on several dice - and with a higher value on your suitable dice than on those of your neighbors. All roll their dice behind their screen - discuss movement without naming numbers or average values and use equipment - maybe roll again - use equipment again and maybe lose stamina - lava spreads. When an adventurer is caught by lava or is exhausted, the game is lost for all players.


Cooperative dice game for 2-4 players, ages 10+


Publisher: Feuerland Spiele 2018

Designer: Wolfgang Warsch

Art: Weberson Santiago

Web: www.feuerland-spiele.de

Stock#: 63555


Users: With friends


Version: de * Rules: de en es it * In-game text: yes