Legend of the Five Rings

Das Kartenspiel


A legendary Collectible Trading Card Game comes back as a Living Card Game. Two players represent one of the seven Great Clans of Rokugan and rival for political and military dominance and adhere to the strict behavior codex demanded by their honor. You recruit troops from a dynasty deck, with characters and holdings or the provinces, and a conflict deck holding tactics, maneuvers and tricks. If you are first to defeat the province holding the enemy fortress or achieve a certain number of amount of fame, you win. In general, the rules follow the standards of LGCs and there are Dynasty packs of 60 cards to expand your game.


Card game for 2 players, ages 14+


Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games / Asmodee 2017

Designer: Nate French, Brad Andres, Erik Dahlman

Art: Brian Schomburg, Mercedes Opheim, Silsby Michael, Darren Tan

Web: www.fantasyflightgames.com / www. asmodee.de

Stock #: FFGD02700


Users: For experts

Special: 2 players


Version: de * Rules: de en es fr it pl * In-game text: yes