As a God you represent a pantheon and send clerics into conflicts, support believers, answer prayers and work miracles to rob all other Gods of their clerics. You draft your draw pile from prayer cards, choose your God and play in rounds. Constellations of elements are laid out, you bid with believers and then raise your bid in three bidding rounds. In those rounds you play effects for information, additional cards or eliminating of opposing clerics. Players still in play after the bidding fight! The winner gets new clerics, defeated gods lose their bids. At the end of the round you buy prayers and myths for next round.


Deck building and auction game for 2-4 players, ages 10+


Publisher: Fabryka Gier Historycznych 2013

Designer: Tomasz Bylina, Adam Kwapinski, Jakub Wasilewski

Art: Iga W. Grygiel, Malgorzata Sliwka, Beata Urniaz-Ksieska, Justyna Uniaz-Badowska, Lukasz Kowal


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Users: For experts


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