Ticket to Ride Asia

Map Collection 1


This Asia expansion features a double-sided board for Team Asia and Legendary Asia. Team Asia is played in teams of 2 players, the players of a team take turns one after the other. If you draw cards you take one up, the other is placed in the team’s card holder for use by the team members; track can be build in any mixture of cards in hand and team cards. For destination cards you draw five, keep three and place on of those into the team card-older. There are revised rules for tunnels and triple tracks. Legendary Asia has been designed for 2-5 players and features Long Route Destination Tickets and Mountain Routes, for which you must discard a Train Car for each marked section of the track; it is out of the game, but scores victory points. For Ferries you must discard a locomotive card for each section so marked and Train cards for normal sections of the Ferry track.


Track building game for 2-5 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Days of Wonder 2011

Designer: Alan R. Moon, François Valentyne

Web: www.daysofwonder.com

Stock#: 720113


Users: For families

Age: 8


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