BE Not Afraid!


Small World simulates the rise and fall of civilizations in a fantasy setting. You choose a combination of race and special ability and then extend your realm, conquer others and hoard victory coins. In round 1 a move comprises choosing race and ability, conquer regions and receive victory cons, in further rounds extending your influence by conquering regions or extinguishing your race and choosing a new one and again getting victory coins. After a given number of rounds you win with most victory coins.

Keine Panik! expands Smallworld with five new races and five special abilities, all of them extremely specialized and effective. Barbarians are not redistributed at the end of turn, the Pixies only keep one tile per region and if you jump over a set containing Homunculi a Homunculi tile is placed. Leprechauns earn you a pot of gold during redistribution, eaning one VP at the end. If you lose a Pygmy tile, you roll the support die and receive new pygmies accordingly. Barrikade earns you 3 additional victory coins for 4 or less regions. Corrupt earns you an additional victory coin if an opponent conquers an active region. Imperial gives you an additional victory coin for each region exceeding three and Catapult in a region allows you to use one tile less for conquering. Mercenary reduces the number of tiles for conquering by 2 for the price of 1 victory coin.

All this is accompanied by a storage box for all expansions that have been published up to date – all in all a successful expansion with a strong influence on the number of victory coins and the results of attacks.


Spieler         : 2-5

Alter            : ages 8+

Dauer           : ca. 90 min


Autor           : Philippe Keyaerts und Co-Autoren

Grafik          : Grafik: Miguel Coimbra

Titel             : Keine Panik!

Preis            : ca. 8,00 Euro

Verlag          : Days of Wonder 2009



Genre                    : Deployment game

Zielgruppe             : For experts


Sprache        : en

Regeln         : de fr en

Text im Spiel : no





Only playable with the basic game

Effects on victory coins and battles



Vinci, Conquest


Zufall                            1

Taktik                  3

Strategie__                  2





Interaktion                   3