Quadropolis the square town that is how we set it up. Each player has his board with 16 squares, 25 squares on the Construction site board are filled with buildings in each of the four rounds and you have exactly four turns per round: You mark a row or column with one of your architects he must be alone at the end of the row or column - and take a tile, then you relocate the Urbanist, place the building on your board again in relation to the number of your architect and take the resources for the building. Those resources are used to activate buildings and only those buildigns score points at the end of the game, after four rounds.


Tile placement game with an urban development topic for 2-4 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Days of Wonder 2016

Designer: Francois Gandon

Artist: Sabrina Miramon, Cyrille Daujean

Web: www.asmodee.de

Stock#: 8531


Users: For families


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