Five Tribes


As a stranger in Naqala you head clans, summon Dschinns and win influence in order to become the new Sultan. In a round you first pay, in order of bids, for turn order positions. In your turn you first relocate the turn indicator to the bidding track, move move meeples and lay claim to tiles by taking back meeples. This is followed by clan actions for meeple colors in hand and the action of the tile last entered as well as, maybe, commodity sales. If someone places his last camel or no meeple can be moved, you score for gold, Viziers, Elders, Victory points from Dschinns and tiles with camels, palms and palaces as well as sets of commodities.


Placement and acquisition game for 2-4 players, ages 13+


Publisher: Days of Wonder 2014

Designer: Bruno Cathala

Artist: Clément Masson


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Users: With friends


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