Samurai Sword!


Swords instead of Revolvers! In analogy to Bang you secretly choose a role (Shogun, Samurai, Ninja or Ronin) and a character with special abilities. Shogun + Samurai, Ninjas und Ronin form three secret teams with the goal of achieving most Honor points or be the last in play. A turn comprises Resilience points, drawing two cards, playing cards for yourself or for an attack and discarding cards. If you lose your last Resilience point, you must give an honor point to your attacker. If you are out of Honor Points, the game ends and you score Honor, Role Bonus, Daimyo Cards and Deadly Strikes.


Card game for 3-7 players, ages 8+


Publisher: dV Giochi 2012

Designer: Emiliano Sciarra

Artist: dell'Edera Werther


Stock Nr.: DVG9131


Users: With friends

Special: many players


Version: multi * Rules: en it jp * In-game text: yes