Bang! The Dice Game Old Saloon


Five modules for the dice shoot-out! Loudmouth and the Coward: Two Saloon dice, for choosing instead of core game dice; symbols are Broken Arrow, Bullet and double Beer, Bullís Eyes 1 and 2 and Gatling, the order of resolving is adjusted - Arrow of the Indian Chief can be taken instead of a normal arrow and loses you two lives in an attack unless you hold most arrows alone - A Posse of New Characters, some are only for use with the new modules - The Ghost, for use with five or more players only, the first eliminated player turns ghost and can still win with his faction, there is a Ghost card for the Renegade.


Expansion for Bang! The Dice Game for 3-8 players, ages 8+


Publisher: dV Giochi 2016

Designer: Michael Palm, Lukas Zach

Art: Riccardo Pieruccini


Art.Nr.: DVG9112



Users: For families

Special: Many players


Version: en * Rules: en it * In-game text: no