Bang The Dice Game


Shootout with dice in the Wild West! As sheriff, outlaw, deputy or renegade you have the same goals as in the card game and roll five dice, maximum three times. You can set aside and reroll dice. Dice show symbols with different effects, which are implemented in the order of Arrow, Dynamite, Bull's Eye 1 and 2, Beer and Gatling - for yourself, your neighbor or all players. For arrow, bull's eye, dynamite or Gatling you lose a life, for beer you win one. Dynamite cannot be rerolled and arrows are implemented after each roll. When you lose your last life, you are out of the game.


Dice game for 3-8 players, ages 8+


Publisher: dV Giochi 2013

Designer: Michael Palm, Lukas Zach

Art: Riccardo Pieruccini


Stock#: DVG9105


Users: For families

Special: Many players


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