Rising Sun


In feudal Japan the Kami descend from the heavens to shape the land, players need to lead their clan to victory by using politics, negotiating alliances, worshipping the Kami and supplementing their forces with legendary monsters. The game is played over seasons. In the seasonal setup phase, you prepare for war, set season cards, receive seasonal income and return hostages. In the Tea Ceremony you resolve effects of an alliance. The political phase comprises mandate turns including recruit, marshal, train, harvest and betray, followed by Kami Turns. The War Phase resolves battels, including Seppuku, hostage taking, Ronin hiring, Battle Outcome, Imperial Poets and War preparations. The Winter Season includes the End game with scoring of province tiles.


Complex simulation for 3-5 players, ages 14+


Publisher: CMON / Guillotine Games 2018

Designer: Eric M. Lang

Art: Adrian Smith, Mathieu Harlaut, Louise Combal, Marc Brouillon, Nicolas Fructus

Web: www.cmon.com

Stock #: CMN00042


Users: For experts


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