Cardline: Animaux


The double-sided cards show the same animal on both sides, plus information on its class, that is, for instance, mammal or amphibian, and on one side only the data for this animal - average size, weight and lifespan. For a game you decide on one of those values for comparison. You have a number of cards on the table face-down, one card is laid in the middle, face-up. In turn you place a card where you think it belongs and turn it over. If the card fits in numerical order, it stays in place. If not, you take it back and draw another one from the stack. If you get rid of all your cards you win.


Assessment game for 2-8 players, ages 7+


Publisher: Studio Bombyx 2012

Designer: Frédéric Henry

Art: Gaël Lannurien


Stock#: 01600 7


Users: For families

Age: 7

Special: Many players


Version: fr * Rules: en fr* In-game text: no