As a Merchant, you travel across Renaissance Europe, acquire contracts for wool or iron and set up trading houses. You participate in constructing cathedral, curry favor from nobles and participate in Fairs. In the dice management game, dice have a double function of gaining resources and actions. Four rounds have five phases each: Preparation – Action – King – Fair – Clean-up. For preparation, you draw dice and place them at the action wheel. IN the action phase, a corruption marker is revealed and player tokens are moved accordingly. Then you take a dice off the wheel, take the corresponding resources and resolve the action. In the King phase, you first resolve an eventual bonus marker and then adapt the turn order. In the Fair phase you acquire victory points for a house or your merchant in the current Fair town. After four rounds, you score houses and pillars, completed buildings and remaining resources.


Dice management game for 1-4 players, ages 14+


Publisher: Board & Dice 2022

Designer: Daniele Tascini und Simone Luciani mit Dávid Turczi und Jeremy Avery für Solo-Modus

Art: Giorgio De Michele, Zbigniew Umgelter

Web: www.boardanddice.com

Stock #: BND0068


Users: With friends

Special: 1 player


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