Die Schlösser des König Ludwig


The castle must be laid out room for room; players in turn are master builder for the other players. The master builder draws room tiles and places them in relation to their size next to cost of his choice and can also relocate rooms already laid out. Then each player in turn can choose a room and pay the cost to the master builder, or pass and get money from the bank. The master builder pays to the bank. Rooms not bought have money put on them that goes to the buyer when the room is bought. Rooms you buy you place into your castle and score them instantly for size, type and location of the room.

German edition of Castles of Mad King Ludwig


Placement and building game for 1-4 players, ages 13+


Publisher: Bézier Games 2014

Designer: Ted Alspach

Artist: Keith Curtis

Web: www.beziergames.com

Stock#: 141013


Users: With friends

Special: 1 player


Version: de * Rules: de en * In-game text: yes