A Dog’s Life


Each player is a stray dog and wants to collect bnones; whoever is first to have four in his cache, wins. The bones can be found in garbage cans, at the back doors of restaurants or you get them as a reward for certain services. But if you really want to win you must mark your territory as befits a dog and maybe sometimes fight for your booty. In his turn a player resolves phases: Move hunger marker of his doc; resolve dog actions and then move the car of the dog catcher. Each dog has individual abilities which must be used cleverly to succeed in collecting bones.

New edition of So ein Hundeleben, Eurogames 2001


Movement and collecting game for 2-6 players, ages 8+


Publisher: Beton Games 2016

Designer: Christophe Boelinger 

Artist: Marek Piza

Web: www.adogslife.eu

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Users: For families


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