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The Spanish Golden Age


Confrontation between two family factions at the Spanish Court, but each individual player wants to become prime minister or favorite of the king. In up to four rounds you play six phases per round: 1. Drawing cards up to maximum seven. 2. Selection of the power faction - government, society or clerics. 3. family confrontation - select a character, simultaneous revealing and player turns in order of character initiative; then players have actions in turn and must play a new character when losing one; when all are down to three characters or are ousted from the round, the family with the highest power levels wins the confrontation. 4. This is followed by individual confrontations and5. Characters Management,  then you take back characters under your “estate” token. 6. Victory check - after four rounds or the appearance of the third bell icon on a Prince card you win with most affection points from family and individual confrontations as well as converted ducats minus conspirators.


Card game on majorities for 2, 4, 6 or 8 players, ages12+


Publisher: Asylum Games 2014

Designer: Gonzo Bríos

Art: Gonzo Bríos

Web: www.asylumgameseditiorial.com

Stock #: ASY04


Users: With friends

Special: 2 players or many players


Version: multi * Rules: en es * In-game text: no