Drum Roll


As a circus owner around 1900 we give shows all over Europe, look after performers, hire personnel and invest money to win with most prestige after three shows. For a show you have five to seven rounds preparation time with action - you use three action markers Rehearsal, Equipment, Promotion, Costume, Supply, Sell tickets, Invest, Hire Performer or Hire Personnel - and distribution - all placers place up to two of their resources from their stock with performers. After rounds 5 and 6 you vote on additional rounds. In the show, resources placed on a performer determine the quality of his performance, earning rewards and prestige. In a final scoring Largest Show, Full Variety, Perfect Show and Large Troupe are scored. Region tiles earn you bonuses and allow you to plan for most suitable performers there.


Worker placement game for 2-4 players, ages 12+


Publisher: Artipia Games 2011

Designer: Dimitris Drakopoulos, Konstantinos Kokkinis

Art: Antonis Papantoniou

Web: www.artipiagames.com

Stock #: RTPA 111


Users: With friends


Version: multi * Rules: de en fr it * In-game text: no