Master of the Galaxy


Tales of the sixth millennium! Rise and fall of races over Millenia - which one will dominate the sixth?  You begin with a base and resources in your bag; whoever achieves galactic supremacy due to Expansion - you place all your bases, Domination - you have five identical supremacy markers on cards and systems, or Conquest of another starting system, wins. In your turn you draw three resources from your bag, assign them to projects - from settling, building, route establishing, stealing a resource, fulfill species agenda, developing to conflict - and use and discard cards. New resources come from settled planets and from discarded cards.


SciFi development game for 2-4 players, ages 13+


Publisher: Ares Games 2018

Designer: Timofey Bokarev, Konstantin Seleznev

Art: Anton Kvasovarov, Anastasia Mazeina, Andrey Shestakov


Stock #: ARTG03


Users: With friends


Version: en * Rules: en es ru * In-game text: yes