Jagd nach dem Ring


Nazgūls hunt the Ringbearer -  The Ringbearer player must bring Frodo and his friends to Rivendell and escape the up to four Ringwraith players, who always use all four Nazgūls. In Part One, the fellows must reach Bree; Frodo selects his movements secretly, the Ringwraith players must guess his chosen path. In Part Two, the fellows journey from Bree to Rivendell with Strider; Frodo’s path is automatically generated, the Ringbearer controls Gandalf and tries to protect the ring and to divert the Nazgūls. The Ringbearer player wins, when Frodo gets the Ring to Rivendell before being corrupted by the shadow.


Prologue to War of the Ring, for 2-5 players, ages 13+


Publisher: Ares Games 2018

Designer: Marco Maggi, Gabriele Mari, Francesco Nepitello

Art: John Howe, Francesko Mattioli, Fabio Maiorano

Web: www.aresgames.eu

Stock #: ARGD0177


Users: For experts


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