The wildest witch dances are rewarded by a gem. You roll and move your witch in any direction; the Wand results moves your raven to the next cloud or to the chest. When a witch moves onto a case with another witch, the witch already there goes back to her house. The raven of the arriving with flies to the next cloud of the same color. The first raven who leaves his last cloud, flies to the chest, and takes a gem of its color to put into any cave. A new round begins. When all caves are taken or a witch has three gems, the witch with most gems wins.


Series: Unser Lieblingsspiel

Teil der Aldi/Espenlaub/Georg Appl/Hofer Gruppe von Spielen


Dice game for 2-4 players, no age given / 6+ in a later edition


Publisher: Espenlaub Verlag

Designer: Thomas Schuster

Art: Claudia ten Hagen

Web: www.espenlaub.de


Users: For children


Version: de * Rules: de * In-game text: no